About DJ Freezy J


Born in Bellflower, California, DJ  Freezy J or "John Milan," is currently living in beautiful Sarasota Florida. with his growing family. He has developed many styles of art and brings them to life with vibrant color and surreal figures in his mixed media oil paintings. Starting with an inspired story in mind, Freezy depicts a perplexing, lighthearted, comical world through the use of color and imagery found in the natural and spiritual world .  

     Determined to bring his dreams to life Freezy J, began studying art at a very young age. Growing up in Hawaii from age 2 until 24 he began studying old master skills and techniques at various art schools and Museum art classes on various islands and later Savannah College of Art and Design and University of Georgia. Freezy J now uses multiple mediums such as inks, oils , gold leaf , spray paint , acrylics, and caran d'Ache, along with many mixed techniques to finished pieces. A big fan of Jean Michel Basquiat , Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and early cubist artists as well as hundreds of underground comic artists, intricate detail and large color fields became part of Freezy’s inspiration . In the early 80’s John began selling anything and everything from cars, trucks ,motorcycles, leather jackets, jeans, T-shirts painted with wild artwork to various collectors.

     John is an avid teacher, and traveler, currently mentoring  several local and non-local artists while still  traveling to various countries throughout the year. Offering yearly organized art retreat/trips to Greece , and other European Locations allow Freezy J time to explore and discover inspiration. While traveling, time is spent reflecting , building lasting friendships and creating murals , taking part in gallery shows and creating opportunities for others to do the same.You can visit us at Milan Art Gallery 72 s. Palm ave Sarasota Fl.

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